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Tomato Growing and Packing of the Highest Quality

Our team at Tomatoes of Ruskin is a Tampa Bay, FL based tomato farm and supplier. We take pride in the field-grown tomatoes that we provide all of our customers. Our farmers carefully select, plant, cultivate and harvest different varieties chosen for their distinctive color, flavor, hardiness and maturity time frame. The tomatoes that we sell are matured green tomatoes grown with the help of rich soil, water and abundant sunshine. We work in cooperation with natural processes, and we know that you will be able to taste the difference. When you buy fruit from Tomatoes of Ruskin, you receive farm fresh products. When the produce is mature, our farmers handpick each tomato and transport it to Tomatoes of Ruskin's packing facility. Each one of our tomatoes is individually harvested and fresh packed. Please call us today at 813-645-6431 for more information.
Tomatoes of Ruskin Tomatoes

Sales and Service

Since 1989, Jeff May has headed the sales team at Tomatoes of Ruskin. Jeff and our team coordinate efforts with some of the most reputable farmers in the area. We consider each other family members who share a devotion for growing some of the highest-quality produce in the state of Florida. We're not a large corporation, and that enables us to provide our clients with more customized service and individualized attention.

Our business and reputation continue growing thanks to hard work, personalized service and a great product. The mission at Tomatoes of Ruskin remains providing you with farm fresh, fresh packed produce. Come see us at:
202 11th Ave NW
Ruskin FL 33570
Hours of Operation
Mon-Fri 08:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Sat-Sun - Closed
(Open every day during harvesting season)

P.O. BOX 306
Ruskin, FL 33575